Sun Valley Tour De Force 2021

Open roads and the great outdoors. Sun Valley Tour De Force was an unforgettable event where we created long-lasting relationships with two of our clients.
Pagani of Beverly Hills
March 2024
Client Relations


A fun weekend of epic proportions in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Sun Valley Tour de Force 2021

The approach we had was curate a new experience for our clients and simultaneously explore a new area to build brand awareness.

In 2021, the 4th annual SVTdF took place featuring the great outdoors away from the normal California scenery and a super fast cars.

In previous years, brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Mclaren participated in this event. After a much deeper analysis, we determined that there may be some potential to gain some prospects there. At the minimum, it would be a fantastic time.

Event Planning

Utilizing the prestige of the Pagani brand, we were able to negotiate a customized contract which put us front and center of the SVTdF attendees for a incredibly discounted rate.

Through our communication by first email, then text, and finally phone call, we were able to get two clients to attend for an incredible show of force.

A demo Pagani Huayra Roadster BC (valued at $4.5mil) was used as the car that represented our dealership. Two clients each attended with the Pagani Huayra Roadster with their family and friends accompanying them for the festivities.

Event planning consisted of sponsorship negotiation, vehicle logistics, and coordinating the team.

Client Relations

From beginning to end, we were always in constant communication with each client. Scheduling, timing of events, and vehicle care was given to each one.

With SVTdF attendees, proper attention was given to educate them about the Pagani brand.


Great locations make for great content. The unique landscape of Sun Valley made for some incredible photo shoots. Our clients were delighted to be included along.

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SVTdF 2021 created better relations with two of our biggest clients and connected us with a few prospects.

The content produced would be used mainly on social media which is still being posted sporadically.

The content was also a gift to the clients who enjoyed making some unforgetful memories with our team.

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